Falcade is a beautiful town in the Bios valley and is a renowned summer and winter holiday center with its modern ski lifts, which lead to some of the most beautiful and panoramic ski slopes in the Dolomites, and with its slopes bottom with lighting and programmed snow. Is surrounded by important Dolomite peaks such as Focobon and Mulaz (from the Pale of San Martino Group), Civetta, Pelmo, the Tops of Auta, Marmolada and Monzoni – Costabella). Is part of the Tre Valli (Falcade, San Pellegrino, Moena-Lusia) and Dolomiti Superski cableway consortium. In addition to ropeways, the cross-country ski run is located on the Falcade plain. Every year at the end of September the ancient custom of dismantling (the desmonteghea) is organized with a big party.